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MissySweet01Sep 18 2014
Love this site! Quick, easy and great prices. I recommend it to everyone I know!
TeenieTigerRoseSep 12 2014
love using evil credits very good service
Tw1stedDollSep 10 2014
I would highly recommend EvilCredits! I have not had a single problem, Choose my amount, Verify my avatar, Select Payment method and within 30 seconds I have the credits. Excellent job guys =^_^=
llEzzyllSep 6 2014
It's amazing! Fast,cheap prices, and it confirms instantly. c:
MrsRoseBossSep 5 2014
every time i use evilcredits i get first class service
xXSinfulShadowXxAug 29 2014
I love EvilCredits its so fast and it takes next to no time at all for me to receive my credits and the one time I did have an issue it was fixed vary fast. I have been using Evil Credits for close to 3 years now and I will continue to use it!!
Heartless3Aug 7 2014
One of the fastest, easiest, and cheapest ways to get credits. Not only was the experience fast, secure, and a great deal but, I also got to support IMVU developers!
ErieDragonJul 25 2014
I have known Evil for quite a while now, and I wouldn't trust my personal information to anyone else when it comes to buying or selling credits.
DestineeMonaeSantanaJul 22 2014
i love it i love it i love it
SinisterBratJul 21 2014
EvilCredits is by far the best place to buy from. It is easy fast and well priced. Love You EvilCredits
ArelonJul 20 2014
Loved it ,quick ,and great for sending gifts at a affordable price.
MariposaJul 18 2014
I only buy from Evil credits. The prices are cheap, the verification process is simply amazing, and I LOVE the receipt that pops up at the end.
PenguinMonicaJul 16 2014
i love evil credits ...they are fast n great prices ..i used them alot n i still use them current..glad to have them
eChromeJul 10 2014
I loved the experience. It was easy, it was quick, it was awesome.. not to mention.. the pricing is good to.. I am happy to be given the chance to show my support to the creators.. without whom, we wouldn't be having as much fun as we do on IMVU... you are awesome guys and girls... just wish i had known about this earlier.. thank you zombieZ for sharing this sight with me... ur awesome too...
AnonymousJul 5 2014
I love buying here :) ♥ and I will think this is a good website that other imvu users can buy..
AnonymousJul 3 2014
Credits came in a click. I finished the payment and I clicked into my IMVU and it was there. Well-done Evilcredits.com!
MiyukiLovesMiyaviJun 28 2014
I like the credits.
HollyMystiqueJun 5 2014
I only ever use Evil so easy and good value.
DaerisTheaEvanaraJun 1 2014
I LOVE EvilCredits. This is the ONLY place I get credits! They are fast, cheap, and easy to use. Thank you!
xlJoJoexCTBxFVM0lxMay 30 2014
love u guys!
AnonymousMay 11 2014
Its amazing the oferts give it for EvilCredits, I love it.
JhadeiLaesMay 10 2014
The prices are amazing I will always use evil credits
xMrshouserXMay 7 2014
My new favorite place to get credits. Great prices and help whenever I need it! Thank you!
genewievMay 3 2014
so happy with the service,so fast and so easy.would like to have bin able to buy more credits,im not sure how the timeframe work,but im a very satisfied customer.
AnonymousApr 24 2014
I always come to this site to buy credits I love this place. Love
AnonymousNov 13 2013
i just love it thanks evil credits kiss .
TougeBraxtonNov 7 2013
EVIL credits is my favorite place to purchase IMVU credits at great prices
MrsBossFatima2RealOct 12 2013
love the services and credit prices are unbelievable cheap!
KaleeyugaOct 7 2013
As I wrote on your FB page ... easy and fast! u r cool guys!
KaleoCardenKuroenSep 20 2013
Fastest IMVU Credits Seller ever had. Once payed - Once transmitted. Best Price for credits.
BlackwolflordSep 8 2013
LOve EvilCredits, fast and reliable
imloyaltybanksSep 3 2013
yes please.. I love comin to the website.. best one out there.
JohnnyBlueDragon208Aug 26 2013
I'm very happy with the site. No problems.
MysticSteelKnightJul 27 2013
I love evilcredits, cause it's fast, the prices are very fair and inexpensive and I always get more for my money with little hassle and no problems
N0L4CK1NxL1LYF1N35TJul 15 2013
i was referred to evil credits from my sister, and i must say im very satisfied and ill be buying my credits from here for now now
MistressCoraeKittenJul 9 2013
You sight is actually better than IMVUCE. Your not playing games with our money.
NashJul 6 2013
I decided to try out EvilCredits.com when the prices of other credit re-seller websites were higher than I'd like. Not only did EvilCredits.com have a better deal, but the service was quick, friendly, and helpful! Any user new to buying credits would be able to pass through the process like a breeze thanks to the instructions and explanations given by EvilCredits.com. Overall, it was a great experience, and I'll definitely be coming back in the future!
techentityJun 27 2013
I love Evilcredits..Always competitive on price. Instant credit transfer. Purchasing with them since 2009. Never a problem
KcandyflossJun 25 2013
I have to say.....I am loving the evil credits!! Best supplier of credits by far and so fast :-) Well done Evil Credits :-) Thankyou :-)
BigTom3212Jun 20 2013
EvilCredits.com have allways been reliable, on my second purchase there was a slight problem given how much I bought and how close it was but the problem was swiftly handled by the response team, I send all my friends here because I know that the service is cheap and reliable, unlike many other cheaper credit sites, this site hasn't ever let me down or taken my cash and not delivered, I plan on using EvilCredits.com for all my credits as long as they keep the cheep price and good service
DarkDemensiaJun 19 2013
The only reseller I ever use!! Fast Easy and convenient
urpinkprincessJun 19 2013
fast easy safe whats not to love!
nickieknightMay 31 2013
i like it EvilCredits great prices too. one of my friends told me about it awhile back . but i never got on. i always waited for sale to come imvu. but now i'll be here more and tell my others too about this place. i will be back .
mrjimtechMay 25 2013
i found this site thru my son and have found them to be fast, easy to deal with and secure
FreakdreMay 20 2013
I am well satisfied with the speed and accuracy of transactions using EVIL. This is the best credits site Iv'e used in my 4 years on imvu by far.
AnonymousMay 15 2013
I love the speed at which I was able to purchase the credits online the slowest thing was the speed of my typing, lol
BrokBadgerkinApr 30 2013
Love the site, prices are great, keep up the good work ^.^
VallitinaApr 11 2013
Extremely pleased with the ease and speed of the transaction. I have purchased from other sites and had frustrating delays with delivery. I will only purchase from Evil Credits now.
AnonymousApr 4 2013
I love the low prices tysm
DarkcassanoMar 15 2013
I love it. Never will buy directly from IMVU again.
AnonymousMar 8 2013
I got my Credits so easily and delivered well and no headache.
langsvilleMar 8 2013
Has Great Prices, Credits delivered Instantly, I couldn't ask for better.
TeslaAaliyahDiamondMar 1 2013
Love, love this site. Makes credit purchases fast, friendly, and simple. The page is easy to use and very user friendly. Keep up the good work. Thanks. Tesla xoxo
bubblysmartMar 1 2013
great ,smooth ,love it !! best one around !!
oXDjVennyPrinceXoFeb 13 2013
it always payed up for me :)
BurningFlame4UFeb 9 2013
it was a gr8 experience
ArizonaFlowerFeb 7 2013
I trust evilcredits.com and never have any problem what so ever with the website
bubblysmartJan 9 2013
easy , smooth and waaaaaaaay cheaper !!
InstantAllureDec 19 2012
Fast, easy to use, and the credits I received instantly. You can't ask for better service.
LadyBreannaZellerNov 23 2012
I go no where eles the deals are perfect ..I love you evil credits
CherishedBeautyNov 21 2012
This is THE best place to buy credits, it's right to the point and no wait time.
WickedCatNov 13 2012
I LOVE EVIL CREDITS! The best place to Get My Credits. I Never Buy anywhere Else But Evils <3 LOVE IT!!!
LilLilyBSep 27 2012
Have been using evil credits for nine months now and never encountered a single problem.Always the only site i use now for my credits
ZmapSep 4 2012
I love the price and the speed of getting the credits right away
MissTracenaTracieyAug 30 2012
I enjoy Evil Credits because the transactions are immediate and no waiting on my credits. They appear on my avatar account in milliseconds which there is no interruption of my fun on IMVU.
DhyanDragonInkedAug 17 2012
I usually shop around to see who offers the best prices on credits and I was happily surprised to see that your site was one of the best out there. This was my first time here. I've become addicted to clothes from Anry and they have your banner on their home page so I decided to give you a try. I am glad that I did. I will definately be back.
appledelight5050Aug 9 2012
I loves buying evil credits i always get my credits on time never have to email about them keep up the good work god bless
LukeMonEsquireAug 3 2012
I'm Luvin' this place!!!!!!!!!! You're the best!!!!
ISISCaliberJul 21 2012
I love evil creditz,& wil alwayz be a customer.
PeaChez917Jun 22 2012
I LOVE EVILCREDITS.COM...the prices are SUPER BETTER than actual prices on IMVU!! Thanks so much for being so Cheap on credits!!
AnonymousJun 4 2012
Quick and secure Evilcredits is for me the better way to buy IMVU credits
IdeadlypainIMay 23 2012
I loved how fast and easy it was compared to others EvilCredits.com has better prices
HYPNOTICApr 23 2009
its so convenient its scary... lol

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