The basic fine print...

  • I have permission to buy credits for my, or another avatar.
  • I have permission to use the bank, atm, credit, or debit card/account I am using.
  • I am purchasing real IMVU credits at the price shown in US dollars.
  • There is a 100,000 credit per day buying limit.
  • The are some purchase limits on very young or guest avatars.
  • Trying to hack/cheat/trick this site into false transfers/sales will result in a disabled avatar name and real life legal charges.
  • EvilCredits.com takes every effort to ensure the privacy of all users. If you use a credit or debit card, its information will not be available to, nor stored by EvilCredits.com ... And your activity on this website is kept private.
  • EvilCredits.com guarantees its sales and will take every effort to deliver credits, even if errors arise. If credits cannot be delivered, a full refund will be made.
  • Paypal processes the payments for EvilCredits. Signup with them is not required, but having a bank card may be.
  • Credits are delivered instantly when the payment method is approved instantly. Suspicious orders will be delayed.
  • This transaction will appear on financial statements as PAYPAL *EVILCREDITS
  • Failed payments, delayed eChecks, bank transfers, international conversions, debit/credit overdraws are not valid payments and may delay credits delivery.
  • I, the buyer, am responsible for paying for the credits I receive. In the event that my bank/creditor reverses or removes payments previously made to EvilCredits.com, I will immediately re-pay for my credits (and fees) or immediately return all bought credits (plus fees.).
  • Help is only an email away. Customer service: evilgeniusevilcreditsom

Your Privacy is well protected!

We collect basic information on your visit to this site.

This includes what browser you're using, IP address, and what pages you visit on this site. This data is only used to improve the website and to provide better customer service. This information and your purchasing activity are kept private.

We also collect your avatar name, and other information that is received from completed PayPal transactions. This includes your real name, address, phone number, and email address. EvilCredits does NOT receive your credit card numbers, bank account numbers, or any financial information. Your name, address, phone number, and email are kept private. We will never announce that your avatar has purchased credits. We do NOT inform IMVU or any other party of your credit purchases. We don't send spammy emails. We will never contact your address or phone unless there is a problem with your order.

However, if law enforcement or legal proceedings determine that fraudulent activity is taking place, minimal information may be disclosed to investigate and end that activity.

EvilCredits at NuveraOnline.com

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