Buying Credits

Q: Is EvilCredits a safe place to buy credits?
A: Yes! EvilCredits is an official Registered Reseller in business since 2008. We have high security and customer support standards. If in doubt, check out our testimonials page, or list of partners. Also the IMVU help center lists the Registered Reseller Directory website where EvilCredits is listed... just search for resellers in the IMVU help center.

Q: What payment types do you take?
A: Paypal processes the payments. They accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and more. You don't need a PayPal account to make the payment to EvilCredits, but you can make payment directly from your PayPal account if you have one. Prepaid debit cards work sometimes, but may need to be "activated for online use" by the card's customer service center. We do not accept payments by mail, wire transfer, or phone.

Q: What about delivery times?
A: 99% of transfers are instant. "Instant" means less than 30 seconds from when you click the final "send payment" after you enter your payment information. Those remaining 1% that are not instant are from rare downtimes of one of the websites involved with the delivery: PayPal, IMVU, or EvilCredits. These rare delays are rectified within a few hours.

Q: Why didn't I receive my credits?
A: Bad payment? Unexpected website outage? Check your email for any notices from PayPal, and check to make sure there was money funding your payment method, and if the money actually was debited from your account. Also, see the "proof" question below. If there's good payment but still no sign of credits, contact me. Replying to the EvilCredits email receipt is the best way, otherwise just be sure to include your avatar name and email you used during checkout so I can track down what happened.

Q: IMVU didn't send me an email saying I was gifted credits from EvilCredits... where is proof that I received credits?
A: Resellers make "silent" credit transfers into your account, so the only indication you'll get is noticing your balance increase, and the EvilCredits receipt email. There's also a way to check your IMVU logs to see the incoming credits. Click here for detailed instructions.

Q: What is the money back guarantee I've seen in EvilCredits ads?
A: If you pay for credits, you'll receive all the credits. If for some reason you cannot be sent credits, 100% of your money will be refunded. If you purchase credits and successfully receive them, but change your mind and want to reverse the sale, just send back the credits and I'll send a full refund... no fees, no problems.

Q: Are there any limits to buying?
A: Yes, for my protection. 200K daily limit, 500K weekly limit. Some factors of your avatar or purchasing history may increase or decrease these limits.

Q: What if I get an error message that stops me from buying credits?
A: Some error messages are self-explanatory. Sometimes you'll get automatically stopped if there's something odd about your avatar or purchasing history. Contact me to learn more about your specific situation.

Q: What if I get an error message during payment on a PayPal page?
A: Some error messages are self-explanatory, but sometimes PayPal produces an error message that is useless. I'll try to help where I can, but ultimately PayPal will not tell me any information about why your payment is not going through. This is to protect your privacy. I receive exactly ZERO information about your situation if your payment is unsuccesssful. If you are using a prepaid debit card, you may need to "activate it for online use" by a quick call to the card's customer service center.

Q: Why can't I buy credits for my brand new avatar?
A: Most fraudulent activity happens involving avatars that are only a few days old. Yours must be 8+ days old to use this site.


Q: What currencies do you accept?
A: I have everything priced in U.S. Dollars. Paypal processes the payments and they can convert from other currencies at the time of payment.

Q: What is an eCheck?
A: If you have no debit, credit, or PayPal methods, you can elect to transfer money from your checking account to EvilCredits as a method of payment. This is called an "eCheck." Be aware that YOUR bank is the one carrying out the transfer and it usually takes banks 3-7 days to complete the transfer. I receive NO money when you initiate the eCheck even though you get an email eCheck receipt. When your bank does send actual payment, your credits will be automatically and immediately delivered. Since your bank is the one in charge of the eCheck, I won't have any information on it's status besides a notice I received saying to expect money in the future. You'll need to call your local bank for status or more info. I highly recommend avoiding using eChecks unless you're totally fine on a long wait for credits. The longest I've seen an eCheck take to deliver money is about 30 days.

Q: What if I never heard of IMVU or EvilCredits, and I see these charges on my card?
A: There's a longer explanation on the Fraud/Safety page in the Billing section.

Q: What if I'm a parent, and my child is using or misusing my bank card at this site?
A: There's a detailed explanation on the Fraud/Safety page in the Attention Parents section.

Q: I order credits yesterday, but I think today there are extra charges on my card?
A: Don't worry, there is NO possiblity that there are extra charges on your card. After speaking to PayPal and bank staff, I can say that sometimes a charge may be debited from your financial account like normal, but does not show up until the next business day, and might even have the next day's date. Additionally, a few banks will show an immediate pending debit for the order, and later the final debit, and both the final and pending charges at the same time, in online banking for example. This is confusing, but there is only ONE charge per order. In fact, it is impossible for EvilCredits to create charges or change amounts charged to your card. My bank (PayPal) can only receive money sent from your card if you voluntarialy initiate and authorize it.

Q: What is this 1 dollar charge on my card?
A: Card processors like PayPal use what is called a pre-authorization charge. It's 1 dollar and the purpose is to test the security features of the card and check the valididty of card number, address, and name given on the checkout page. Without this 1 dollar pre-authorization, the card would have a full order total authorized, which may become stuck as "pending" within your bank if you have a typo like a wrong digit in street address. With the 1 dollar pre-authorization charge, 1 dollar at most would be stuck in pending in that case. Most retailers, grocery stores, online stores, fuel stations, movie rentals, etc., use this pre-authorization method. If you haven't noticed, it's because your bank removes/hides the pending 1 dollar pre-authorization as soon as the final charge goes though, usually instantly. If you've recently had a declined payment, the 1 dollar pre-authorization may not be removed immediately, and your bank will remove it when they see fit... usually within 1-5 days. At no time do I receive that 1 dollar. [More info here.]

Buying Name Tokens

Q: What are they?
A: There are 2 differnt tokens. A Name Token removes the "Guest_" from your avatar name. It also shows you're comitted to IMVU and not just a guest. A Name CHANGE Token allows you to change your avatar name if you already bought it. Spelling and capitalization are important and permanent until you buy another Name Change Token.

Q: Can tokens be bought seperately?
A: No, IMVU requires that all tokens be transferred with 10,000+ credits, and that's why I sell them as a package deal.

Q: How do I use a Name Token (to remove "Guest_")?
A: It takes affect immediately after you pay for the order. There are no further steps.

Q: How do I use a Name CHANGE Token?
A: After you pay for your order, the token is accessable to you anytime, you don't have to use it right away. When you decide on your new name, go to the IMVU account settings page and look for the Change Name link on the right side. Also you can view your name change history.

Selling Credits

Q: How come you're never buying?
A: My current partners are keeping me well-stocked.

Q: How do I sell credits?
A: There's lots of info on this at the sell credits page.

Q: What is PayPal's "masspay"?
A: That's where I elect to pay the PayPal fee instead of you paying it. You'll get 100% of what I send to you. No fees.

Q: Are there any further fees when selling credits?
A: None! 0%! There are a few other resellers that take a 2% fee or flat fee out of what you'd receive. EvilCredits does not have these fess.

Q: Is there a chance credits will be returned?
A: No. If I accept your request to sell credits, I WILL buy them, not return them. In the rare case that PayPal prevents me from sending payment to you, I will promptly return 100% of your credits. No fees.

Q: Are there any fees depending on the amount of credits sold?
A: No. Some resellers charge a base fee or variable fee depending on the amount of credits you sell. I change no fees, regardless of the amount.

Q: Can I be a partner? What do I have to do? If not today, can I be next in line? Why not? Can you email me when you're looking for new partners?
A: I get an overwhelming amount of these requests. Short answer: No. Long Answer... Sadly, since I pay partners more for credits, I can't take on many new partners, maybe just a few per year. If I tried to take on more I'd have to raise my credits prices for customers, and then sales would go down, and I'd have to drop partners that I could no longer buy credits from. See the vicious circle? If I tried to accept all asking creators as partners, I'd have thousands of creators wanting to sign up. My current and future potential partners can only exist if they offset the higher price I pay them, with a unique service they offer or extremely effective advertising to offset via sales. My partnerships are mutual and I'll most likely accept a new partner after crossing paths and finding things we can offer each other in terms of business, services, and/or sales. I will not accept a new partner just because they want to be paid more than others... that's not fair to anyone. If I have a surge in sales and need to get a supply of credits that my current partners can't offer, I'll start buying from the public. I do this on occasion and am usually fully stocked after a week or two.

About EvilCredits

See also the About us page.

Q: Does EvilCredits have a Privacy Policy?
A: Yes. Your privacy is well protected. See the detailed policy on the bottom half of the TOS/Privacy page.

Q: I love you! Do you have a banner?
A: Aw, thanks! We have lots of banners, and even some user created ones. See the banner page and take your pick.

Q: Do you give some kind of bonus/discount for showing a banner or sending referrals?
A: Not yet. I might soon.

Q: Where is EvilCredits (the business) based?
A: The owner and staff live in the United States of America in Florida.  
     Since the business exists online, it's available to the whole world.

Q: What is your avatar name?
A: My reseller avatar account is EvilCredits, and my personal (and creator) avatar that I use is EvilGenius.

Q: Do you provide help with custom HTML/CSS/JS codes for IMVU homepages?
A: I used to. In fact, I was co-admin of imvucode.com, but that site was closed due to lack of visitors. The IMVU forums are now packed with good code tips and code snippets.

Q: Can I donate money?
A: Really?! Yes, of course! Donate here.

Q: Are there supporter badges or stickers?
A: Yes. In the catalog there are 3 banner stickers, a coin sticker, and on my homepage are 2 badges (one is 2x2 squares other is single square). Ask me and I'll send stickers/badges to you free.


Q: What is the TECHNICAL explanation of how your site works?
A: You select credits and your avatar, my site checks with IMVU servers to make sure you avatar is allowed to purchase credits, you then make payment to PayPal via credit, debit or PayPal account. PayPal processes the payment for me and deposits the payment into my PayPal account, and simultaneously informs my website that a customer submitted payment. My site then automatically transfers credits from my IMVU account to yours, and sends a thanks email to you.

Q: Does my browser need JavaScript and cookies enabled?
A: Yes. The credit selection and payment pages use JavaScript. Cookies manage your data during your visit, but is not required. The PayPal payment page requires cookies on. EvilCredits does not store any financial data in your cookies.

Q: Is there a mobile version of this website?
A: No, but the website is lightweight enough to work well on most phones.

Q: Anything special about the EvilCredits.com website?
A: It's hosted in Texas and powered by wind-turbines. Cool, huh?!

Q: What happens if IMVU.com is down or under maintenance?
A: There is a chance that one of IMVU's servers responsible for credit transfers is down too. In that case the IMVU server may refuse to hear my website's request to send you the credits you just paid for. There's nothing we can do for now, and we have to wait for IMVU to come back into working order. At that time I will manually send your missing credits.

More help

Q: How can I speak to the boss?
A: Use the contact form, email, or IMVU PM. I do not accept or make phone calls for customer support. Because of timezone differences, language differences, and length of time required to research some types of customer service issues it's ineffecive for me to call you or you call me. You and I cannot send screenshots or links via phone call. I would not imagine trying to type out some of your avatar names or email addresses as you read them aloud to me. Email or contact page works best.

Q: What if I find a bug or typo on your website?
A: Use the contact page to tell me about it.

Q: What about a suggestion for the website or banners?
A: Use the contact page to tell me about it. If you create EvilCredits artwork or banners, I will host it.

Q: Can I buy advertising like the banner at the bottom of most pages?
A: No, that banner space is reserved for VIP's and special projects.

Q: More info about safety at IMVU and EvilCredits?
A: Yes: See the Attention Parents section on the Fraud/Safety page, and IMVU's pages on general IMVU safety, and safety tips for parents.

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