If you're coming to EvilCredits.com because you saw PAYPAL *EvilCredits.com or similar on your bank statement and you've never heard of EvilCredits, read on. This site, EvilCredits.com, sells virtual currency for use in an online social world called IMVU.com. Before you call the bank thinking you've been a victim of fraud, ask around your house about IMVU. I find that in most of these cases, children, friends, family, or anyone else that may have access to your bank card might have borrowed it without asking and made the purchase. If you're the parent or guardian, contact me and we may be able to convert the remaing virtual currency back into real money as a refund.

Attention Parents:

IMVU is a safe place for children ages 13+ and IMVU even offers tips for parents on this page. Under regular parental supervision you may use your bank card to buy credits for your child's IMVU avatar. Under no circumstance should anyone except for the actual cardholder physically possess or have access to the card. Children having access to bank cards invite legal and financial dangers for that child and especially the parents. I work to try to block this activity, but ultimately the cardholder is responsible for physically securing their card, and the parent is responsible for the child's actions until they are adult aged. A child using a parents card without their permission causes a legal complication. I'll explain: Normally, when someone is victim to identity theft or card theft/fraud, then the cardholder would contact the bank AND the police. The bank cancels the card so the thief can no longer use it. The police track down the thief and arrest them for "card fraud." The bank usually involves the police on their end, and with my cooperation (my web server logs) the police will track down the thief's location. The complication in a parent+child situation, is that if the child used someone's card without permission (even the parent's card), the child had committed card fraud. Of course, the parent will not prosecute when they discover the child had used the card, but the bank still might! Because the child is under age, the legal responsibility falls on to the parent. Because of this legal danger to parent+child situations, if you believe someone used your card without your permission, make sure it was not your child before seeking action from your bank. If you discover it was your child, then there's still a way to possibly reverse the financial charges without getting the child or yourself in trouble with the law. Contact me and arrange for the child to return the IMVU currency back to my account, EvilCredits. If the child had already spent or given away the IMVU currency, then I will not be able to provide a refund. That is because the IMVU currency is worth real cash value, and my business cash was spent to obtain the IMVU currency that was bought. When I sell it, I use those paid funds for obtaining IMVU currency in order to sell it to the next online customer.

About resellers

There is a list of Registered Resellers maintained here: http://imvucreditresellers.com/
What does it mean for a credit Reseller to be registered? Its means they've acquired IMVU's permission to buy and sell credits. EvilCredits is proud to be a Registered Reseller. Never buy or sell credits from anyone not listed there. In fact, there's an IMVU help article that points out the Registered Resellers List website... Go to the IMVU help page, then search keyword resellers.


When in doubt about a reseller (or your safety and privacy): don't hesitate to contact IMVU, another reseller, a reputable developer, or me, with questions about it. There are quite a few resellers and developers that have been with IMVU for many years, and know all the tricks of the baddies, and we're all willing to help and check something out to look out for your safety.

Avoid these

NEVER buy credits from any website, homepage, or person who does any of the following:
  • Any avatar not listed in the Registered Resellers List
  • Lists prices that are way too good to be true.
  • Lists prices in their avatar image.
  • Sells credits from a "guest_" homepage.
  • Has a homepage that says "Last log on: 00/00/00" or the "Avatar since" date is recent.
  • Any website which uses PayPal to pay to a free email address, rather than a business name.
  • Any page that does not have a secured https payment page.
  • Any website that asks for your IMVU password.
If you see a homepage that you think is a fake reseller, be sure to click "Report homepage" at the top of that page. If that link is hidden, ct=Suspicious%20reseller'>let me know that avatar name, so I can pursue getting that illegal page disabled.

Password safety

Never give your IMVU password to anyone! IMVU staff will never ask for it. Homepage designers will not need your password if they are good designers. So if they ask, don't give it. Make sure your password is strong. (not short, and not having to do with your avatar name, or any other things on your homepage.) Use Random.org to make a ridiculously-strong password.

When logging into IMVU's website, make sure the address is http://www.imvu.com/login/ and that you're not looking at an imitation login page on a fraudulent homepage.

If you think you've been hacked or scammed, let IMVU know immediately. Contact them.

If you accidentally typed your password somewhere you shouldn't, or your think someone may be logging into your avatar without your permission, immediately change your password.

If you are receiving emails from IMVU about password or email changes that you did not initiate, you should reply to the emails (which should go to fraud@imvu.com) and explain that you didn't want a password/email change. The email from IMVU may contain a link to cancel recent password/email changes, but be sure that the email was from IMVU before clicking those links.

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